COOL IS JUST THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG – This Italian luxury fashion house made it its goal to elevate sportswear and knits. Having been among the first to introduce the concept of fashionable sportswear, the house stuck to its core mission throughout the decades. This is also evident in the newest Iceberg collection and campaign, where movement and bright colors intertwine to reveal an eye-catching, youthful approach.

Going back to basics, Iceberg knits are colorful, modern and fashion-forward, as illustrated by the latest campaign. Similarly, Iceberg eyewear also relies heavily on simple and colorful styles that have the rare quality of looking both modern and timeless. The straightforward shapes, subtle color inserts and sophisticated hues make the Iceberg eyewear seem perfectly adapted to the contemporary consumer.

Even though the collection brings together sunglasses and eyeglasses for both men and women, the campaign only illustrates one of the optical frames. Worn by blonde beauty Natasa Vojnovic, the glasses feature a delicate, barely-there frame in a dark gray shade which perfectly complements her face. And, given the exquisite shapes and colors of Iceberg eyewear, they can surely complement every stylish lady’s look during the cold season.

View the entire campaign in the gallery above.

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Creative Director: Julien Gallico

Photo: Walter Pfeiffer

Video maker: Gilles Esteve

Women stylist: Margherita Moro

Men stylist: Tom Van Dorpe

Casting director men & women: Barbara Nicoli & Leila Ananna

Hair: Marc Lopez

Make up: Adrien Pinault

Women Model: Natasa Vojnovic

Men Model: Felix Gesnouin