A NEW FRONTIER – Starting with the Spring/Summer 2015 season, ic! berlin goes beyond steel and acetate for their frames. Instead of the traditional construction techniques, the German eyewear manufacturer is set to conquer a new frontier, namely 3d printed glasses. And the latest news comes as proof: in a quest to make the impossible possible, ic! berlin has partnered with Selective Laser Sintering to reveal plotic – 3D printed eyewear.

plotic1 plotic2

Plotic and plotic-hybrid eyewear practically paves the way for new designs and shapes that were unattainable with traditional manufacturing techniques. The new technology allows total freedom not only in design, but also in texture. The eyewear comes to life layer by layer, as finely tuned lasers fuse together powder particles to reveal the final product. The new frames are lighter, stronger and more flexible than ever before.

For the Spring/Summer 2015 season, ic! berlin launches plotic in 8 new color themes. 2 of the newly-launched frames are boasting an innovative nose pad that can only be created using the new technology, while 2 of the plotic-metal hybrids come with a revolutionary half ring construction. These are exciting times for the future of eyewear! And, certainly, with ic! berlin and plotic, the future will look better and brighter than ever before.

All photos, credits and information: ic! berlin.