FRESH NEW STYLES FROM HOUSE OF HOLLAND – In the mood to rock this summer? That’s great because House of Holland has just launched a new eyewear collection that will single-handedly put you in a joyful mood. Actually, joyful might be a bit of an understatement. Mixing the 70s spirit with just the right touch of 80s and 90s styles, the latest eyewear collection from the brand has the power to make you feel like a pop star.

With an all-eyes-on-you design, the newest House of Holland sunglasses follow the same bold direction that we’ve come to expect from the eccentric brand. (If you need a quick refresher, check out the brand’s previous campaign, starring Lily Allen.) The newest shades come in a variety of bright, shiny colors that are superbly reflected by matching mirrored lenses. Can you say star power?

As expected, such a powerful set of shades can easily steal the show, so the promotional campaign is a clean and fun representation of the wearers of each specific frame. With their hair coated in colorful glitter and sporting abstract or highly volumetric hairstyles, the models manage to seamlessly capture the essence of these bold, disco frames in a variety of awe-inducing poses.

But saturated hues and daring looks are not the only things that make these House of Holland sunglasses stand out. Their shapes also contribute to their charm: following either pure geometric contours (square, round) or fresh, wavy lines, the sunglasses manage to look somehow different every time you look at them. Whether it’s the HOH logo that is adorning the temples or the tridimensional glitter covered outlines, the sunglasses always manage to impress. So! Disco, anyone?

Photo credits: House of Holland

Photo sources: and the House of Holland Facebook page