“DON’T BE LIKE THE REST OF THEM, DARLING…” – Trends come and go, but funky eyeglasses are forever. Always dare to be one step ahead: wear something that makes you stand out and also represents YOU.

Sure, these may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but give them a chance! With the right attitude and a small dose of humor, anyone could pull these off successfully.

1. Polka Dots

Have ever you seen anything prettier? These eyeglasses boast a straight-up polka dotted mix that is as admirable as it is beautiful. There are entirely polka dotted versions out there for the most daring of fashionistas. And there are more subtle versions for the less daring bunch, which feature the motif just on the temples or on the inside.

polka dots

Pictured: Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses

2. Oversized Burst Of Color

Extravagant, colorful and completely out there, these round and funky eyeglasses are perfect for those of you who just won’t settle for anything ordinary. The bold colors will frame your eyes beautifully, while also making a statement. Go ahead and impress everyone with your amazing sense of style. Warning: you might like them so much that you’ll end up buying a pair in every color available!

3. Aviator Style

These babies are something that nobody expects to see! Unique, bold, yet super delicate, these frames may be considered extravagant, rather than funky, but who cares? Funky eyewear is what we make it.

burst of color aviator style

Pictured: Prada eyeglasses; Alexander McQueen eyeglasses 

4. Chic Flowers

Flowers are irresistible – you can count on them to elevate your look. Floral-printed eyeglasses look feminine and beautiful at the same time. And that’s not all: imagine the splendid print combinations you can make with a pair of these resting on your nose. Whether you are a print-mixing expert or more of a monoblock type of gal, these funky eyeglasses are simply a must-have.

5. Metal Filigrees

This one is for the delicate, romantic girls who want to rock funky eyeglasses without making a full commitment. Intricate metal filigrees form the temples and the look is completed by a beautiful, bold color around the eyes. Perfect for those who want to make a subtle statement in the office or on a night out. What more could you wish for?

florals metal filigrees

Pictured: Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses

Here’s one last tip: pair these conversation-starters with a relaxed attitude and a toned-down look. You’d be amazed to see the difference they will make not only to your look, but also to your overall disposition… After all, fun and flirty is the name, funky eyeglasses are the game.