TORTOISESHELL AND DENIM – Following the same recipe for success as last season, the newest Gucci eyewear campaign features Nadja Bender and Clement Chabernaud yet again. Posing again in a series of individual portraits, the two wear matchy-matchy denim shirts, sunglasses and optical frames. The idea of presenting feminine and masculine versions of the same base look is light and refreshing. If anything, it indicates that we’re in for a laid-back, slightly androgynous summer season.

Ok, let’s take a closer look at what each of them are wearing…

The Gucci women’s sunglasses miraculously mix tortoiseshell for the upper part with a beige-colored lower part. The tortoiseshell area is also thicker, giving off the illusion that the sunglasses are semi-rimless. Complete with brown gradient lenses and matching Nadja’s confident attitude, these would be the ideal sunglasses to wear on a long sunny day on a Mediterranean beach. Surprisingly, the optical frames have the exact same design as the sunglasses, as a clear mark of coherence throughout the collection.

The men’s sunglasses have a square frame and are finished entirely in tortoiseshell. The thick contours add to their character and turn them into memorable pieces. With the optical frames, however, the storyline differs. The eyeglasses still have an upper tortoiseshell finish, but, this time, the lower part is black. With their stark contrast and rounded shape, they appear to be the perfect piece for making a statement, both at the office and on the street.

The juxtapositions, the effortless designs and the casual styling in the Gucci eyewear 2015 Spring/Summer campaign give us the idea that tortoiseshell is the new denim. And maybe we wouldn’t be that far off.

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