A #NOMAKEUP AD CAMPAIGN – When the world’s highest payed supermodel goes barefaced for a brand, you know something is up.

The normcore trend is quietly, yet swiftly settling in, leading the way to more natural, simple and much more approachable ad campaigns. Such is the case of other Fall/Winter 2014 eyewear campaigns as well: Calvin Klein, Gucci, Giorgio Armani.

However, compared to these, this fall’s campaign for Sonia Rykiel sunglasses takes the cake. In the images, a very natural, relaxed and somewhat dazed Gisele poses in an artist’s studio. The moody, black and white shots give off a pure vibe that is typical of fashion photographer Juergen Teller. This is just an enhanced version of real life, one might say. Yet, there she is: Gisele Bundchen smiling back at us from behind her gianormous Sonia Rykiel sunglasses. Nothing could get more real – or effortless – than that.

Sonia Rykiel sunglasses Fall 2014 campaign 01

The Sonia Rykiel sunglasses are a pair of oversized, all-black frames with the fresh 70s vibe that is so IN right now. Built on styling and art direction by Katie Grand, the photos are approachable and even daring at times, given Gisele’s slouchy, slightly provocative poses.

Of course, a campaign that exudes so much force and positive feelings of reality must have upturned the conventions of what a campaign should be like. And this daring, unembellished outlook on life (and fashion!) can be seen in the Sonia Rykiel sunglasses as well: the free, fun and spirited 70s vibe is clearly here to stay.

Photos via luxuo.com