COOL HUES AND WONDROUS TEXTURES – This season, the Giorgio Armani eyewear campaign took a very picturesque turn, an approach that can be best seen in the choice of colors, poses and styling. The images, shot by Sølve Sundsbø, are half moody, half artistic, and have and air of distant sobriety about them.

The story unfolds in pools of gray, green and blue, which flood over on everything from the sunglasses and the clothes to the accessories and the backgrounds. Even though they are cool colors, the overall impression is that of warmth and serenity. The two models, George Alsford and Marikka Juhler, are a perfect fit in this fashionable landscape. Given the rather stiff mood set by the main color theme, their poses read more like paintings than snapshots from a fashion campaign. And maybe this was actually the point.

6 of the picturesque portraits present the Giorgio Armani frames. Four or them show sunglasses and the other two show optical frames. The dominating grays, greens and blues still rule when it comes to accessories and the frames make no exception. The women’s optical frames are rectangular, with a subtle mix of green hues, while the men’s optical glasses are also rectangular, but come in a solid blue color. As for the sunglasses, they range from oversized cat eyes to square or pilot sunglasses. With colored lenses, subtle metallic inserts and intriguing textures (flannel, steel, rubber and acetate), the Giorgio Armani sunglasses fall right in with the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014 vision.

Campaign Credits via

Giorgio Armani – Designer

Sølve Sundsbø – Photographer

Beat Bolliger – Fashion Editor/Stylist

George Alsford – Model

Marikka Juhler – Model

Photos via