FRAMES OF LIFE 2015 – The now famous black and white Giorgio Armani Frames Of Life campaign returns with a fresh and captivating set of stories. Five new characters (Anna, Kelly, Melodie, Maximiliano and Maaya) share their stories and the “frames” that make up their lives through a compelling video and a mesmerizing collection of images. Feelings, sensations and emotions are all captured in a way that expresses the unique views of each person. From the snowy landscapes of Norway, to the always captivating Italy, the Argentinian countryside and on to the exotic Martinique or Japan, the Giorgio Armani Frames Of Life 2015 campaign takes us on a whirlwind trip:

Made of ultra-light materials, the new Giorgio Armani glasses feature superb, sleek and delicate outlines that are embellished with the brand’s iconic detailing. Following a rather traditional set of profiles (rectangular, round, pilot), the sunglasses impress with their stunning looks and impeccable finishes. Sure enough, the optical styles share the same attributes. The close-ups reveal slim silhouettes made out of ultra-light materials and an attention to detail that is even more visible than usual thanks to the back and white shots. Clearly, the word “impeccable” doesn’t even begin to describe them: round, rectangular or wonderfully oversized, the Giorgio Armani frames look stunning in any context. Discover them all in the gallery above.

Photo credits: Giorgio Armani

Photo source: the Giorgio Armani Facebook page

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