GLOBETROTTER – Adidas Originals have launched 5 fresh and impossibly cool sunglasses for the summer of 2014. The shades have those sporty vibes and strong urban feeling so typical of Adidas.

The five styles are named after hip destinations from all over the world: Malibu, San Diego, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Melbourne.

The Malibu shades are the perfect combination of matte frames and glossy, colorful lenses; the San Diego glasses are inspired by the West Coast performance style and they look chic with their black temples and light frames. The Copenhagen shades combine a metallic frame with delicate, black temples for an easy-going, contemporary look and the Amsterdam shades are eerily similar, except that they have a stronger rectangular shape. Last but not least, the Melbourne shades radiate a sense of style and performance with their black contours and clean lines.

All the styles give off a very laid back look, a feeling that is cleverly suggested in the promotional images above. Adidas Originals eyewear is available in various lens combinations, polarized or corrective lenses.

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