THE PERFECT MATCH – There is an art to choosing the perfect eyewear. It’s all been discussed in detail in this article. Our guide covered the basics like color, fit and shape. However, we figured that a little bit more guidance wouldn’t hurt, especially when it comes to finding the perfect glasses for your face shape.


The Golden Rule

Before going into details, here is the one and only rule you need to know: your glasses should CONTRAST with the shape of your face. In other words, their overall geometric shape should be the total opposite of your face.

Picking the perfect glasses for your face shape

There are more face shapes out there than you think. Some even feature a combination of 2 basic shapes, which only makes things more complicated. But don’t fret – if you follow the golden rule above, nothing will go wrong. Without further ado, here are a few of the most common face silhouettes. Take a look and try to figure out which one is yours. Tip: pull all the hair above and away from your face, maybe even wet it down a bit so you have a clear view of the contours.


Face shapes + tips&tricks

Round faces have a similar width and height, a fuller appearance and almost no angles. If this is you, the glasses for your face shape should be as square and edgy as possible.

Oval faces have well balanced features and a chin that is a bit more pronounced than in the case of a round face. If you think this is you, then you’re in luck: frames of any style or shape work for you.

Oblong faces are typically longer and less wide. The perfect glasses for your face shape should break down the proportions. This is why a nice pair of oversized frames would be ideal for you.

Square faces have a strong jawline and a broad forehead to go with it. They are pretty easy to tell apart because of the unmistakable proportions. Is this you? Then the glasses for your face shape should be round or oval, to optimally balance your features.

Heart faces have the same wide forehead, but this time, it’s paired with a pointy chin. The best glasses for this face shape are the ones that are more bottom heavy. Extravagant cat eyes or rectangle frames should do the trick for you.

Love visuals? Here is a short illustrated guide you can follow on your quest for the perfect glasses:

sunglasses face guide