GOING BACK IN TIME – Since it’s Friday, our mood should be lifted by the upcoming weekend. So let’s kick back and relax by looking at a 2013 round-up of the world’s most famous eyewear pieces.

These glasses have become famous thanks their owners’ popularity. Be they real-world celebrities or fantastic characters, they are all part of our collective culture. You won’t be surprised to notice that you already know most of these glasses by heart. It’s enough to simply think about Steve Job’s or Lolita’s sunglasses for the right contours to come to mind.

Through his personal project titled Famous Eyeglasses, Italian designer Federico Mauro has revisited the most iconic styles and brought them all together into one minimalistic collection. Among those featured you will find: Woody Allen, Elton John, Audrey Hepburn and Tom Cruise, but also Harry Potter or even the Minions!

So relax, get yourself a cup of tea and browse through these lovely, inspiring images. Enjoy!

Images from the Famous Eyeglasses project by Federico Mauro via federicomauro.eu