“DON’T LOOK BACK” – The Chloe campaign for this fall takes us on a road trip that’s sure to be both secretive and fancy. Sasha Pivovarova and Andreea Diaconu were chosen to embody the Chloe spirit this season – probably the best casting choice possible.

Wild, mysterious, young and free. This is the vibe of the Chloe campaign, beautifully shot by another famous duo, Inez and Vinoodh. In both the campaign shots and the video, the models are pictured driving off in an old, but luxurious convertible. Donning head-to-toe Chloe, the girls seem to have a good time enjoying their new found freedom. In one of the campaign shots, Sasha looks back to the camera from her front seat, mesmerizing us with her oversized pair of Chloe eyewear. Inspired by the 70s, the sunglasses look cool, casual and effortlessly bohemian.

The other pair of Chloe eyewear pictured in the campaign is optical. This second image was shot by Theo Wenner and features the same warm and concealing vibe. Model Joséphine Le Tutour gazes into the distance through her seriously cool and super-feminine Chloe frames.

For more enigmatic splendor, view the campaign in motion: