THE TOP COLOR PICKS – When it comes to seasonal trends, there’s more to be aware of than just the latest shapes and styles. They may be the first thing you notice, but the color schemes they come in are equally relevant. And, in order to make an informed (and very chic) decision, you’ll have to know which are the top eyewear color trends.

To make your decision easier, here are the trending hues that will rule this summer.

Eyewear Color Trends 2015

1. Pastels

Light pink, greens and blues are one of the top choices for women’s sunglasses. Not only do they look feminine, but they can also add a light, humorous touch to your looks. Tempting!

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2. White

White is synonymous with warm weather and with a sun that’s shining bright up in the sky. A pair of white sunglasses is perfect both for an urban setting and for an outdoor festival.

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3. Red

Choose red if you have the flaming personality to pull it off. And, if you do, consider pushing things even further with an oversized, bold style.

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4. Blue

From baby blue to ultramarine, each and every shade of blue is super hot right now. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that denim is also trending this summer. Big time.

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5. Yellow

The final addition to the primary color trifecta, yellow is not a common sight for sunglasses. However this is for the better: your chances of standing out in the crowd just got higher! The best match for light and airy looks, yellow is undoubtedly this season’s wild card.

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6. Gradients and Two-Tone Color Blocking

They might not count as a single color, but be warned: dual-toned shades are the latest and greatest thing when it comes to the 2015 eyewear color trends. Most designers and brands are betting on them and so should you. Stat.

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7. Black And Tortoiseshell

Technically, these 2 are not trends. Rather, they are the classic picks that we can rely on for any occasion. And, even though they’ll never-ever be passé, make sure to get them in a cool style! Cat eyes, aviators and oversized frames are all foolproof options.

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