ETNIA BARCELONA KID EYEWEAR COLLECTION – Good news for all of you Etnia Barcelona lovers out there! The independent, color-driven eyewear brand is putting out a fresh new collection and it’s dedicated to children. That’s right: kids can now also express themselves with a variety of bold glasses.

Ergonomics were carefully considered in the design process of the new frames, and so was the commitment to high-quality, easy-to-wear glasses. And, of course, all of them come in the signature bold color mix that is so characteristic of the brand…

As expected, the eyeglasses in the Etnia Barcelona Kid Eyewear Collection feature shiny hues that have the power to make even a dull day brighter. The four models in the collection come in nine different color combinations, bringing the frames to life. Each style comes in two sizes, one for school kids and one for older teens. And, even though the styles are the same across the range, the colors are quite varied. The collection for teens comes in more restrained colors, such as navy blue or black, combined with pale pink or orange stripes, whereas the glasses for younger kids are rendered in bright green, orange, red, yellow and translucent blue.

Finally, there’s one more thing you should know about these frames: they are manufactured using eco-friendly cotton and are biodegradable. Talk about dedication from start to finish! Discover some of the available models in the slideshow above.

Photo credits: Etnia Barcelona

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