SUMMER BLUES – Take one short look at the latest Emporio Armani sunglasses campaign and you’ll be instantly longing for summer. Shot in Santa Barbara by photographer Boo George, the brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign will take you strolling on the dunes along with the models.

Dressed in blue, black and white nautical-inspired ensembles and accessories, the models seem to not have a care in the world as they chase the sunset. But don’t go imagining that the looks will be bland, just because it’s leisure time at the beach. Quite the contrary: this picture-ready gang wears everything from jackets and suits to fancy dresses and slip-ons. And this is the exact vibe that matches the Emporio Armani philosophy: young, fresh, casual, yet über-stylish.

Unsurprisingly, these attributes can be applied to the Emporio Armani sunglasses as well. Both men’s and women’s glasses feature round lenses. While men’s sunglasses come with slightly elongated rectangular framing and strong temples, women’s sunglasses were given a different look. Their round, oversized appearance hints of a retro inspiration, but the lenses stretch clearly beyond the contours in what is an assumed modern interpretation of the classic silhouette.

Emporio Armani latest sunglasses campaign 2015 photos via the Armani Facebook page and