A HOT SUMMER – House of Holland promotes their newest line of eyewear by collaborating with model-of-the-moment Eliza Cummings for the brand’s Summer 2014 campaign.

A series of stunning black and white images promote the newest line of House of Holland eyewear. In the photographs, Eliza leaves little to the imagination as she poses with various models from the summer collection.

Eliza’s signature dark hair has a wet, scrunchy look to it and in these nude images she looks like she just came out of the ocean. Like a modern Venus with some extra-cool House of Holland eyewear, albeit minus the giant sea-shell. 

This is what designer Henry Holland had to say about the collaboration: “Eliza has worked with us many times at House of Holland and is an amazing girl who [epitomizes] the House of Holland spirit. I love working with her and the images only get better!”

And with this impeccable, if raunchy outcome, who could blame him? Leave it to Eliza to perfectly embody the spirits of the brands she is working with.

There’s no denying it: this campaign is steamy, hot and ready for summer. Just like the new House of Holland eyewear collection.