DIOR EYES – Backstage access, an experience that used to be reserved only for those with special passes, is about to become readily available. Dior is set to revolutionize the entire backstage experience by launching the first fashion-related VR set, called Dior Eyes.

The custom designed headset includes headphones and is designed to give its user a first-hand experience behind the scenes of Dior’s fashion week shows without actually being there. Make-up artists and hair stylists working their magic, along with an exclusive peek into the show before it actually starts – this is what the Dior Eyes promise:

We’re living exciting times, no doubt. However, don’t imagine you’ll be able to purchase the Dior Eyes for yourself. The set is going to be presented and demoed at selected Dior boutiques around the world. No word on which boutiques just yet, or on conditions you’d have to meet in order to be able to test it yourself. However, what we do know is that the Dior Eyes is said to debut sometime this month.

The sleek and elegant design was conceived by Dior and DigitasLBi Labs. And it’s easy to see how Dior Eyes can turn into a coveted item once it gets a green light for the public. If Dior’s first foray into high-technology is this promising, it’s thrilling to think what else the luxury fashion house has in store.

Photo credits: Dior

Photo source: Dior via designboom