FROM DAY TO NIGHT – The A. Sauvage eyewear 2014 campaign has a fresh and modern flair that is not easy to find. Truth be told, this brand is not yet a household name – this British fashion house was established only in 2010. Still, the clean aesthetics of its 2014 eyewear campaign are quite a sight, as the brand plays the card of novelty to make up for its shortcomings in notoriety.

The images feature model Fernando Cabral, who is posing in select pieces of A. Sauvage eyewear in front of a simple, pastel blue background. In line with Sauvage’s philosophy, “Dress easy”, the versatility of the eyewear is demonstrated by pairing it with a diverse range of garments. In two of the images, Cabral is wearing two impeccable suits, while in another image he is sporting something more casual: a blouse and a long-sleeved t-shirt. In the last image of the series, he is shown just in boxers and an animal print hat, paired with, of course, A. Sauvage eyewear.

This campaign is altogether brilliant. It shows the frames adapting from day to night, fitting perfectly into any outfit and accommodating every mood. Judging by the fresh and elegant approach of this young brand, we are sure to hear a lot more about A. Sauvage eyewear in the (very) near future.

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