A TOUCH OF DECADENCE – Seeing how crystal-adorned, overly embellished sunglasses have been riding the waves of popularity lately, it’s only fair to focus on getting the look. An everyday-appropriate look in this case, since not all of us can walk into the office with a pair of eccentrically decorated frames perched atop our noses. But if you can, by all means go ahead. (We envy you).

We are in a season when oversized frames are kings and their decadent crystal-decorated counterparts are queens. And when these two meet, the result is eccentric beauty, in its purest form. If you’re more of a visual learner, take a quick look what Dsquared2 envisioned for their eyewear range this season:

dsquared2 eyewear 2014

Or, if you want to be delighted by an entire array of over-the-top frames, take a look at the gallery above. The images are part of the Vogue Japan January 2015 edition.

Now that the aesthetic references are all in place, let’s see how you can make this look your own and wear it in plain daylight with nonchalance. The method is simple: get some crystal-adorned sunglasses that only draw attention when they discretely reflect a powerful light or when you take them off and conspicuously place them on the table beside you. Make them your must-have accessory and don’t be intimidated by the idea. Anyway, who said that everyday items should be plain?

Without further ado, here are a few choices that will surely give you the crystal-loving bug. Which one are you eying?

crystal sunglasses

1. Versace sunglasses;

2. Jimmy Choo Sophia sunglasses;

3. Jimmy Choo Jezebel sunglasses;

4. Dior Mystere sunglasses.

Top photos via wearesodroee.com