COUTURE GLANCES – With the Spring 2015 couture shows now over, the still fresh memories (or photographs, depending on who you’re asking) are grounds for a continuous analysis. But instead of still lingering on the otherworldly dresses or on whimsical details, let’s focus on the subject at hand: sunglasses! The couple of sightings at the Armani Privé and at Schiaparelli weren’t as ubiquitous as they are at Ready-to-Wear shows, but they were still statement makers – it’s couture, after all!

The Armani Privé storyline focused on the exoticism of Asia and, more specifically, on bamboo. Turned into a motif in the most delicate way imaginable, bamboo could be seen as a print or as a scattered symbol on everything from clothes to accessories. Out of all 68 looks, two also incorporated sunglasses. The square, oversized sunnies feature golden details in the upper corners and on the temples, tying in with the storyline. The gradient lenses and the rather thin frames defined the airy look that prevailed across the entire collection.

The other show which featured sunglasses (more prominently this time) was Schiaparelli. The newly resurrected fashion house stayed true to its defining surreal tone. The whimsical details that could be spotted on the clothes (ribbons, hearts) were also mirrored in the choice of eyewear. Three looks were sent down the runway with matching sunglasses. Their style was the same, a round base for the lenses that continued into a wide templed and became tapered towards the ear, but each one came in a different color scheme. Decorated with statement, convergent lines the couture sunnies were every bit the show-stopping pieces.

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