THE 7 COOLEST SUNGLASSES FOR GUYS – Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be quite a challenge, especially as the heatwave is around the corner. What are the latest styles? What is in and what is out? And, ultimately, which ones would do you justice? If these are all questions that you’re thinking about while trying to block out the rays with the visor of your cap, then it’s high time you tossed it aside and took action. Your new pair (or pairs!) of shades, right this way:

The Coolest Sunglasses For Guys 2015

1. A Geometric Flat Top Frame

With crisp lines that scream Celine and a retro air, these sunglasses are the best idea if you’re always looking to try the latest trends. An eclectic, modern style is best completed by these straight-forward blue designer shades.

Above: Celine sunglasses. Buy them now here.

2. A Classic Folding Frame

Steve McQueen first wore them in the film The Thomas Crown Affair. Now, the Persol 714 glasses have a lighter and slimmer design that is the right choice for any gentleman who wants to up the ante style-wise.

Above: Persol sunglasses. Buy them now here.

3. The Aviators

These classic shades made the list for reasons which are pretty much self explanatory – if you don’t already own a pair of these timeless sunglasses, now is the time to remedy the situation. Lightweight, durable and with an iconic look, these carbon fibre Ray-Bans are the ideal contenders.

Above: Ray-Ban sunglasses. Buy them now here.

4. Trending Right Now: The Dual Tone Shades

Mixing business with pleasure is not really advisable… unless we’re talking about sunglasses. With their serious lines, yet totally cool and easy-going ombre color scheme, these Marc Jacobs frames will keep you at the forefront of the eyewear trends.

Above: Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Buy them now here.

5. Texture Play

Another pair of classic frames, Wayfarers should be part of every respectable gentleman’s arsenal. But instead of going down the usual route, opt for a pair with a unique texture: how about this style made in calf leather?

Above: Ray-Ban sunglasses. Buy them now here.

6. Round It Up

Refined and sleek, this pair of Saint Laurent shades can single-handedly finish off your summer looks. Just put them on and enjoy the view!

Above: Saint Laurent sunglasses. Buy them now here.

7. The It Frames Of The Summer

Launched under the motto “Modernity Reflected”, the Dior Composite 1.0 shades are as sharp as they are impeccable. Their ultra-thin metallic frame will ensure that all eyes are on you, all summer long. Your turn, every-other-pair-of-sunglasses!

Above: Dior Composit 1.0 sunglasses. Buy them now here.