In the market for a new pair of frames? Then take a look at the handy tips below. Everyone knows that eyewear should be chosen according to your face shape, but there are quite a few extra tricks that you need to know…

The Two C’s: Color And Contrast

Let’s talk about color: eyeglasses in a color that contrasts heavily with your skin tone will draw more attention to your eyes. Black frames are notorious for strongly contouring your face, but for many people the contrast is just too harsh.

If you are a fan of bright colors and love standing out from the crowd, the best bet are super-colorful frames. Reds, pinks, blues and greens are all excellent choices. Begin with taking the general color scheme of your wardrobe into account. Do you have more clothes in warm colors (red, yellow, orange, brown etc) or in colder hues (blue, green, violet etc.)? Choose a similar color for your eyewear and they will match everything in your wardrobe perfectly.

Want to choose something a bit more tame? Then go for neutral-colored frames: flesh-toned shades, white, ocher, soft pink or light pastels are great for those of you with no particular color affinities and a more subtle style.

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The Proper Fit

Here is a small, but handy guide on how to choose the perfect eyeglasses:

  1. Your glasses should fit comfortably and not move around when you laugh or smile.
  2. The top line of your frames should be aligned to your eyebrows, but shouldn’t cover them.
  3. The bottom line of your frames should not, at any point, rest on your face or cheeks. If it does, it is not the right fit for you.
  4. The arms should rest properly on your ears. If that small curve at the end of the arms doesn’t fit well or falls a bit before your ears, the glasses are small for you.
  5. The temples should come close to your face (but not rest on it) and the edges shouldn’t extend too far off the sides. If they do, it means the glasses are too big for your face.

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Choosing A Flattering Shape

Last, but definitely not least, the shape of your eyewear must be a decisive factor when shopping for new frames. There are lots of guides out there recommending different frames for different face shapes. It may all seem complicated: what is YOUR face shape? Keep in mind that sometimes people fall into more than one face shape and this only makes things more complicated… And if you do know your face, which glasses are the right fit for you?

There is an easier way out: instead of trying to match your face to a definite category, look at its overall shape and match it to the OPPOSITE type of frames. For example, if your face is rounder, choose square-shaped or geometrical ones, which will balance your features. The jawline and hairline can also provide some guidance. Pull your hair off your face and observe its contours and general shape. Then pick a pair of glasses which will balance it out. Yes, it actually is that simple.