A LUXE TOUCH – The Calvin Klein platinum label is a fairly new branch of Calvin Klein and its fresh and cool Fall/Winter 2014 campaign can surely testify to that. Starring Clark Bockelman and Vanessa Axente, the black & white series of images conveys a modern, easy-going feeling. There is also a touch of (normcore) realness that is hard to shake off – and why should we try to? But even though the cuts and the colors are simple, there is a certain luxe appeal about everything, from clothes to eyewear.

Ah, yes: the Calvin Klein platinum eyewear is everything you’d expect it to be. The optical pair, modeled by Vanessa Axente, is a beautiful, minimalistic pair of black rectangular frames. Toned-down, with a classic touch and yet clearly hailing from the normcore world – they are impossible to ignore. As for the sunglasses, they also have clear-cut lines and a similar thickness all throughout, but their modern vibe is somewhat stronger. In turn, the finish of the material goes from black to translucent.

Modern, luxe day wear: these are the two ideas that seem to define the philosophy behind the Calvin Klein platinum label. Everything revolves around a set of contemporary essentials that can easily fit into anyone’s daily life. From the clothes to the Calvin Klein platinum eyewear, this brand surely knows how to capitalize on the normcore trend and make it look cooler, cleaner and even a bit more elevated.

Check out all the images in the gallery above. Photos via models.com

Campaign credits (via models.com): Kevin Carrigan – Designer, David Sims – Photographer, Joe McKenna – Fashion Editor/Stylist, Garren – Hair Stylist, Lucia Pieroni – Makeup Artist, Poppy Bartlett – Set Designer, Clark Bockelman – Model, Vanessa Axente – Model