A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE – Few campaigns can give off such a casual and relaxed, yet totally bad-ass feeling. However, the latest BOSS Orange campaign succeeds in bringing exactly this to the table: a laid-back, contemporary rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

The campaign, titled “Rock Tailoring”, stars models Andreea Diaconu and Harvey Newton-Haydon who portray two modern rock stars. The black and white pictures were taken in a Parisian recording studio by none other than Peter Lindbergh. Posing both individually and together, Andreea and Harvey are wearing head-to-toe BOSS Orange looks and matching eyewear.

BOSS Orange Eyewear Fall 2014 01

Andreea Diaconu is pictured wearing a pair of rectangular optical frames, as well as a pair of dark and slightly rounded sunglasses with gradient lenses. Harvey Newton-Haydon wears similar optical frames, except his seem to have a darker color. As for his sunglasses, they are slightly narrower than Andreea’s and boast a sleek, modern appearance. All the frames featured in the campaign have matte temples and silver hinges.

The relaxed, easy-going mood of the campaign is mirrored not only by the clothes and the accessories, but also by the eyewear. With an  impressive attention to detail, the sleek frames stay true to the BOSS Orange philosophy: modern pieces, with a vintage twist.


Peter Lindbergh (Photographer)

Marine Braunschvig (Fashion Editor/Stylist)

Andreea Diaconu and Harvey Newton-Haydon (Models)

Photos via hugoboss.com