THE BEST ROUND UP – Finding sunglasses for round faces can be quite a challenge, we’ll give you that. But there’s nothing that a little perseverance can’t solve. Whether you are searching sunglasses for yourself or for someone else, here are a few tips and tricks to help you on your quest.

Tip #1: Characteristics Of The Round Face Shape

With almost equal width and height, round faces have few angles or none at all. So anything added can easily distort these balanced facial proportions. Extra special care is needed when choosing the size and shape of sunglasses.

Tip #2: How To Pick Sunglasses For Round Faces

Round faces are best defined by a pair of frames with the opposite characteristics. Specifically, rectangular, geometric or angular frames will successfully highlight and consolidate the facial features. For future reference, remember this: the rounder the face, the more geometric your frames need to be. Easy, right? Also, don’t be afraid to try out something in a bold color, as it will brighten up your entire face!

Tip #3: What To Avoid

As a general rule, round faces do not benefit from oval or round sunglasses. While this fact may bum out those who closely follow the newest trends in sunglasses, there’s also good news to go with it: aviators and geometric frames (which are IN right now) will look good on you. Plus, you simply can’t go wrong with a pair of aviators, right?

Check out these sunglasses for round faces, as seen in the gallery above:

For her…

1. Emporio Armani sunglasses;

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses;

3. Carrera sunglasses.

And for him:

4. Carrera sunglasses;

5. Emporio Armani sunglasses;

6. Emporio Armani sunglasses;