BEST SUNGLASSES 2014 – The year may be ending, but you surely haven’t ticked ALL these awesome (or classic!) shades off your must have list. Or have you? Take a look at the top shades that you simply NEED to try this month:

1. A Pair Of Aviators

You haven’t lived until you’ve found the perfect pair of aviators. It may sound dramatic, but it is painfully true. Here’s how to look at it: a pair of aviators is a long-term investment that will make your every summer or winter look a shade better. Pun aside, if you plan on investing in just ONE pair of new sunglasses this season, aviators must make their way to your shopping list. Colorful or in a classic shade of gray, these can make for real head-turners.

aviators for him

For Him: Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses

2. Colorful Frames

Add a healthy dose of color and humor to your life with a pair of bright shades. Colorful sunglasses were spotted on almost every runway this season. And it’s no wonder why: their unapologetic appearance brings a joyful touch to your life (if you do commit to wearing them) and also to the world around you. And if you’re more into small doses of color, fear not: dual colored shades are here to help you reach a decision. You simply can’t say no to color if it comes in such easy to digest, bite-sized doses!

for him colorful

For Him: Carrera sunglasses

3. Structured Frames

These directional frames could be labeled as geometrical, but why should we pigeonhole them into one category? The truth is, structured frames can be oversized, rimless, experimental or even classic – the one thing they have in common is a certain allure that stands out because of its sharp edges and distinct, clear-cut contour. Quite a vague description, yes. But this leaves room for a vast range of contenders.

for her structured

For Her: IC! Berlin Luisa sunglasses

4. Oversized Appeal

Without a doubt, oversized sunglasses would be the absolute winners if we were to count all the appearances in various eyewear campaigns. There was hardly any campaign without a pair of these frames in sight and the reason was quite clear. Just like their structured counterparts, these sunglasses also come in a variety of different shapes, models and colors. From round to rectangular or square and to any other shape you can think of, oversized frames are everywhere right now. And the best part is that they are timeless buys – a pair of oversized sunnies will look good months, if not years from now.

for her oversized

For Her: Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses

5. Sporty Frames

Fitting right into the health awareness trend that has taken our lives by storm, sporty frames are a rather new addition to the Best Sunglasses 2014 club. After making several smashing runway appearances (especially in the menswear department) it’s pretty much safe to say that sporty sunglasses are here to stay. Better get in on this trend quickly and secure a nice, good looking pair of frames. It won’t be long before everyone and their grandma will want to wear these, so why not get a head start?

sporty for him

For Him: Timberland sunglasses

Top image via, Vogue Turkey November 2014