SUNGLASSES UNDER 100 – This one’s for you, stylish gentlemen of the world! We all know how hard it can be to balance shopping on a budget with the quest to maintain a sleek and cool style. But here’s the good news: sunglasses under $100 do exist and they’re pretty cool! Consider this list when you’re stuck in a style rut and want to switch things up with minimal spending. Without further ado, let’s dive right in:

Men’s Sunglasses Under $100

Classics, Reinvented: Switch things up for summer with some classic Havana frames, but with colored lenses! Consider this mega-cool pair from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The Evergreen Aviators: Everyone should have at least a pair of aviators on rotation. And if you don’t, now’s the time to get one. With a classic aviator shape and semi-rimless appeal, these Carrera sunglasses will set your summer on fire.

Consider Brown: Brown is a color which is often overlooked when searching for sunglasses. Ok, so it may not be as classic as black, but it sure gives it a run for its money! Regardless if your style is elegant, serious or fun, brown sunglasses can complete any of your looks. Give them a go with these superb matte brown Ray-Ban shades.

The Sporty Look: Sporty sunglasses – you may want them strictly for their functionality at first, but you’ll soon love their fetching looks as well. Sunglasses to try: Timberland.

The Always Cool Black: No collection of sunglasses is complete without a pair of aviators ooor… without a pair of perfectly black sunglasses. Because, let’s face it: they’re the ones you reach for instinctively. So how about these black Dolce & Gabbana frames? No thinking required: throw them on and GO! They’ll look rough and tough every time.

Try The Two-Toned Trend: Yes, dual colored glasses are a full fledged trend this year, so now is the time to jump on this super cool bandwagon. You’ll surely be a trendsetter among your friends with these blue and black Marc by Marc Jacobs frames.

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