THE TREND THAT KEEPS ON GIVINGWe already know that aviator frames are (and forever will be) in style – their classic aura is something we all can get behind. For the summer season, these cult favorites will be trending even more than usual. Therefore, the fact that their ophthalmic counterparts are popular as well should come as no a surprise.

For Spring/Summer 2015, aviator eyeglasses are clearly on a path to stardom. You can spot a fantastic pair in the recent Mykita Cityscapes campaign, but they come up in other brands’ offer as well. With their timeless, fashionable shape, they will blend right in with the airy looks we all love to wear in summer. Think about it: light metal frames in a universally flattering style that goes with everything – what more could you wish for?

The Coolest Aviator Eyeglasses

When it comes to styles, a quick look at any of the season’s aviator eyeglasses will show that the general trend is to stick to the basics. Staying true to a rather minimalistic agenda, the coolest optical pairs of aviators for spring and summer tend to be clean and simple – a far cry from the texture- and color-enhanced aviator sunglasses that are making the rounds. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, designers seem to say. With the exception of the top bar, all aviator eyeglasses abide to the same rules. If you’re more about a toned-down look, then a slender top bar is for you (in the images below, Mykita for both men and women and Ray-Ban for men). If, however, you’d like to add a bit of a punch to your glances, go for a well-defined top bar with a strong presence (Celine for women and Emporio Armani for men). Easy, isn’t it? Which one of these glasses will you choose?


Celine eyeglasses

Mykita eyeglasses

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