AN UBIQUITOUS TREND – Are oversized sunglasses in fashion? Truth be told, this is a 100-point question that is asked every season, because we never really know for sure, given the fast pace of the trends.

However, this season, everything is crystal clear. Almost all the eyewear campaigns for the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 season feature at least a pair of (wildly) oversized sunglasses. Whether embellished with sparkly crystals or toned down to a minimalist vibe, oversized shades are everywhere you look (no pun intended, really).

Valentino Eyewear Campaign FW 2014 03

Image from the Valentino Fall/Winter 2014-2015 campaign

Whether they are replicas of the 60s or a modern interpretation of the style, oversized sunglasses always look demure. And when it comes to color, black oversized sunglasses seem to reign supreme. They are so chic, that they make every outfit look expensive. Plus, they have the added bonus of being large enough to conceal your eyes from much too inquisitive looks – no wonder celebs love them so much!

So which are the season’s hottest picks, we hear you ask?

Here they are:

black oversized sunglasses

1. Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses;

2. Prada sunglasses;

3. Giorgio Armani sunglasses;

4. Tiffany sunglasses;

5. Versace sunglasses;