CAT EYE COOL – As with all things classic, it’s healthy to ask ourselves every once in a while whether these or that “timeless” sunglasses are still in fashion. Given the fast-changing trend landscape of today, it’s quite easy to fall out of the loop. So, are cat eye sunglasses still in style?

If you’re longing for the answer, read on…

For Spring/Summer 2015, designers sent modern renditions of otherwise classic shapes to the runways. If there’s one thing they like to toy with, it’s our appetite for change – and this season brings plenty of it. Ok, so… the short answer for today’s question is a resounding yes! The long answer is still yes, but with one condition: that they either tiptoe the line between classic black and tortoiseshell or go all out with a mix of hues and contours that would make even a time traveler from the future look twice. Exaggerated shapes, elongated sides and an overall wild mix-and-match game of colors and textures: this is what’s hot right now. If that’s too much for you, feel free to stick to the toned down classic versions described above. You’ll be missing out on all the fun though…

Now! Here are some updated cat eye shades that will make those long summer days even more enjoyable:

are cat eye sunglasses in style

Jimmy Choo Estelle sunglasses;

Kate Spade Kandi sunglasses;

Celine sunglasses;

Dior Sauvage sunglasses;

Alexander McQueen sunglasses;

Tom Ford Nastasya sunglasses.