THE LATEST LE SPECS COLLAB – If you don’t already know who Adam Selman is, here’s a hint: he’s the go-to designer of one certain bad gal who famously donned his transparent, crystal studded creation at the 2014 CFDA awards. That’s right, he designed THAT dress. And even though that is his most famous creation to date, the designer has a clothing line to back it up and, starting with this season, an eyewear collab as well.

You’ve guessed it: for their the latest collaboration, Le Specs partnered up with none other than Adam Selman and, as expected, the result packs quite a punch! The fun, provocative approach of the Australian brand blends perfectly with Selman’s out-of-the-box thinking. Together, the two manage to bring to life every it-girl’s wishes for unique and recognizable sunglasses that look great both live and in selfies.

So let’s see what the Adam Selman x Le Specs collab is all about… Drawing inspiration from the 70s and the 80s, the frames have geometric shapes, sharp angles and colors that are instant stand-outs. The cat eye shape is a recurring theme, but its interpretation is different every time: thick and thin contours alike come together to reveal a new look every time. As for the finishes, they’re equally shocking: red, white, blue and a touch of glitter trace the bold allure of each frame. Feast your eyes on the entire campaign in the slideshow above.

Photo credits: Adam Selman x Le Specs, images via Le Specs facebook page.