JUST IN TIME FOR SPRING – Brace yourself: Acne Studios have just introduced their first full eyewear collection to the world. The frames come from both the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2015 collections. And, to answer the first question that comes to mind… yes, they’re just as covetable as everything else they make.

There are 8 frames in all and they cover pretty much the entire spectrum: there are round, aviator-style and oversized sunglasses, as well as oval and square shapes, each in an impressive array of colors and finishes. There’s even a shiny, futuristic wraparound style with reflective lenses! The timing is excellent given the fact that the warmer days are finally starting to creep up on us.

The sunnies are fully infused with the unmistakable Acne appeal, but there is also a retro vibe floating about. The moody contours and contemporary textures come together to reveal a powerful eyewear collection that compliments the unique Acne spirit. As for the hues, they hail from all across the spectrum: from baby blue to green, pink, white, yellow, black, brown, gold and silver no nuances remain untouched. All styles are unisex and handmade in France.

Check out the promotional images and the striking new frames in the gallery above.

Photo credits: Acne Studios, photos via the Acne Studios Facebook page