Everyone’s favorite spooky holiday is just around the corner and you know what this means: time to bust out the costumes and the candy. When it comes to costumes though, it is quite a challenge to integrate eyewear into your outfit and, unless you plan ahead, you might end up with nothing to wear on Halloween.

Here are 10 Halloween costumes with glasses that are quick and easy to put together. From popular cartoons to even more popular TV and movie characters, there’s something for everyone:

1. Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”: a classic look recommended for all of you fashionistas out there.

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2. Austin Powers: everyone’s favorite spy has a unique and quirky look that fits right in with the Halloween spirit.

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3. Daria Morgendorffer: a very expressive character that also makes for an easy-to-put-together costume. Don’t forget about the glasses, they are the main ingredient of this look.

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4. Jessica Day from “New Girl”: this popular character loves to put on a show, but she also has her serious moments. You know something’s up when Jess has her glasses on!

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5. John Lennon: a pair of perfectly round signature frames will be all you need to get into the 60s English rock spirit.

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6. Leonard Hofstadter from “The Big Bang Theory”: this is one funny scientist we know for A. his funny lines and B. his signature black frames.

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7. Marylin Monroe: going the bombshell route this Halloween is also possible if you wear glasses. Take a page out of the Marylin Monroe book with a fancy pair of cat eye frames.

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8. Velma from “Scooby Doo”: this brainiac is as famous for her orange get-up and intelligent deductions as she is for her geeky black frames.

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9. Walter White from “Breaking Bad”: his sleek frames are essential to his look, whether he goes by Mr. White or by Heisenberg.

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10. Woody Allen: his signature look spans across decades. If there’s one thing synonymous with his personality, it must be his pair of peculiar frames.

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