OFF THE BEATEN PATH – Since it’s Friday, let’s take a moment to relax and browse through a selection of fun, creative or down-right weird sunglasses from the past few years. We’ll slide right past the futuristic shades of the 50s and 60s – they’re already notorious enough. Plus, it can be more interesting to see what their influence has spawned over the years. Vintage sunglasses have raised the bar so high that their contemporary equivalents are having a tough time catching up. Or are they?

Rather than an exhaustive list, the slideshow above is just a quick rundown of what creative sunglasses can be. You’re bound to recognize the Alexander McQueens or the Linda Farrows straight off the bat. Some others, however, aren’t famous at all – they made it on this list because they are conceptual representations. Each designer is unique and each one sees the world through different eyes glasses. Eccentric, futuristic, wearable or not, but all the while beautiful. Something for everyone, as they say.

Photo sources + credits:

01. Ondria Hardin by Richard Burbridge for Vogue Japan March 2015

02. Poppy Delevingne for Harper’s Bazaar Korea January 2013

03. Lacey – Still Life Narrative

04. Knitted Eyeglasses by Stephanie Wong

05. Fashion Photography by Geoffrey Knott

06. Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear

07. Unknown

08. Luis Manteiga Fall/Winter 2012

09. Laura Kargulewicz for Qvest Winter 2012 | Christoph Wohlfahrt

10. Linda Farrow X Jeremy Scott Hand Glasses, 2013

If creative sunglasses are your cup of tea, here’s a cool way to get the look. They might not be made out of crystal, wires or flowers, but they can successfully stop sun rays from damaging your eyes. Plus, they are a real-life, ready-to-wear statement accessory. Are you ready? Meet the MYKITA & Bernhard Willhelm Daisuke sunglasses:


More Colors

These show-stoppers tiptoe the line between a visor and a pair of sunglasses. Imitating the look of sporting headgear, but definitely ready to take on the streets, these are the type of creative sunglasses that you can work into your daily life. Will you dare to?